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We have a number of shows that we regularly show to clubs and societies throughout the country. Many of the Slide Shows that were created before we moved over to digital are still available. However, having made the transition to digital, Sheila and I have chosen to show our work in the form of Print Shows as joint presentations by us both. We are now preparing our second print show, which we have titled "Two Cameras in the Landscape", and this is available for booking. I have listed them on this page and if you or your club wish to book a show, or need further information, please do not hestitate to contact us.


Two Cameras Out and About

The most recent Print Show that Sheila and I have produced, which show cases our more recent work. Visits to the USA, to Italy, Turkey and elsewhere feature in the show along with more local places such as the Yorkshire Dales, and elsewhere in the UK.


Pictures All Around Us

Our first Print Show. This is a miscellany of pictures and includes pictures from home and abroad. The difference this time is that this is a joint show with my wife Sheila, who has been making prints for a number of years now.


Abroad with a Camera

In this our latest Slide Show we travel to a number of countries in Europe, the Mediteranean and to the U.S.A. in search of pictures of the landscape and much more.


Picture the Landscape

A show designed to show landscape images taken over recent times in the North of England, including the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, North East Coast, and from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


The Limestone Dales

A look through the lens at the glorious limestone landscape of the Yorkshire Dales in all seasons, and also some of the beautiful wild flowers that are to be found there.


A Little Bit Closer

Explore the possibilities of moving closer to your subject, whether it be flora, buildings fungi, or landscape. The show includes a look at the flowers of the Austrian Alps.


A Moment in Time

Essentially a landscape show that explores not only the Lake District, but also the Yorkshire Dales, the North East Coast, the Isle of Skye and other places


Light in the Lakes

A photographic tour that will take you on a journey through the Lake District, taking in its breathtaking landscape and the play of light on the land.

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